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Hand Crafted Wood Flutes

“The flute can change your life if you let it.”

I want to share with you a little bit of what I love about flutes: The wood flute is one of the simplest and most powerful instrument in the world. When you breathe through it, it will match your mood. It can sound happy or sad, angry or joyful. You can call birds and imitate animals. The whistling of the wind through wood is the sound of nature. You can play quietly in bed before sleep at night, or sing out over mountain tops as the sun rises early in the morning. Every time I play the first notes of a new flute, I feel that ancient magic. Each one unique, with a special song it wants to sing. There is no end to the meaning that I find in flutes. My flutes are expressive and resonant. They vibrate and feel alive. They’re easy to play, requiring very little breath, with lots of room between notes. They’re also a bit wild and a little untamed!  You’ll find they have excellent texture – woodsy, chirpy and chiffy, but also solid and pure, reedy and raspy or ancient sounding. In my best flutes, you can feel the ribbon of air splitting as you play, dancing in the finger holes like a candle’s flame. All of my flutes are split and bored, shaped using both quiet hand tools and power tools, sealed inside and out with non-toxic finishes. I can use any domestic wood, from milled lumber to rough timber, branches and stalks to rivercane. Thank you for visiting and please contact me with questions or requests.

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